Hey everyone. I am Wade Rials. Obviously, since you are reading this page you want more information about me. Well, I am now the senior pastor of Thorington Road Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama. You can get more information about us and hear messages and download teaching series at http://www.trbclife.org. We offer these free of charge. I am married to the beautiful Christina Rials. She is a graduate of the University of Mobile like me, Go Rams! She completed her graduate work at the University of South Alabama, Go Jags! She is an instructor at Auburn University Montgomery. I did my graduate work at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Not even an evil woman named Katrina could stop me from finishing. I have a Master of Divinity in Christian Thought with Biblical Languages. The apple of our eye is Solomon Wade Rials and Isaiah Jackson Rials. Solomon was a gift to us on May 29, 2007 and Isaiah came to be with us May 27, 2010. I grew up in the small southern Alabama town of Samson.  God has been so good to us.  Hope to meet you soon.  War Eagle!



5 thoughts on “-About Wade

  1. Hey,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Sounds like you are truly blessed. Wanted to let you know that Josh will graduate on May 9th-summa cum laude. He will be working in Virginia this summer and then start graduate school at good ole AU in the fall. The Lord has truly blessed Josh as well as us. He received a SMART scholarship which will pay for all of his graduate school and give him a tremendous amount for living expenses. There is no girlfriend in Josh’s life right now. He and Kelley parted ways in October. Kelley is in graduate school at Vanderbilt. Our baby, Lauren, is growing fast. She just had her 8th grade banquet and that is when it hit me that she will be gone off to college before we know it. Walter is doing great, just working hard and being his crazy self!!! Give Christy a hug for me and take care.

  2. Actually I hear that you are moving on Sunday! You’ll be close, we’ll be trying to find some time to come visit you guys in Montgomery. Just found your blog, btw. Good to see you, if only virtually.

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